I connect the dots between creativity, illustration & entrepreneurship.

I’m a teacher, writer and illustrator, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I’m currently working as an adjunct lecturer in a local art and design college in Malaysia, speaking and sparking thoughts on creativity, illustration and entrepreneurship. I also teach workshops online.

You might also know me from Pikaland – a blog I started back in 2007 that talks about illustration.

talkI started Pikaland when I was curious about the world of illustration. Prior to that, I had no idea that a field like this existed. Sure, I loved drawing, but beyond that I had absolutely no idea how to begin. I was stumbling around, collecting links and images from others who inspired me; and I began to look deeper into the thought processes of each artist as I went over their portfolio and online shop.

So I took notes, and learned with fresh eyes. I taught myself how to identify patterns and styles – aesthetically and conceptually. I was just someone who wanted to know about illustration so much, and how I could break into the field. I decided that I didn’t need a degree to love illustration. I just went ahead and soaked up whatever information I could find on the subject. Business. Process. Creativity. Networking. Techniques. Storytelling. I soaked up everything.

Five years on, I’ve taken on several illustration commissions, and was also appointed a creative director for a regional agency – I had a client list that included Tesco and Marie Claire magazine. After the experience, I felt that I was a much happier person when I organize things instead of being the one who wielded the brush, so I concentrated taking on a managing and teaching role instead, which suited me to a tee.

I teach others the way that I hope to be taught – and so a lot of my lessons are based on personal experience. A lot of it is how I approach problem solving via creative thinking – a skill that I feel is lacking today, because we’re too focused on everything else. We need to re-focus on the important bits.

You can reach me via email, or through this contact form.

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